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The Ultimate Tantric Experience

This massage will consist of an all over body massage; this can be a sensual Swedish style of massage or more of a deep tissue / acupressure type. Whichever you prefer. This is then followed by the Tantric aspect of the session: The Lingam Massage. This Ancient Tantric technique helps with various problems such as premature ejaculation and soft erection to mention only a few. At the same time this is a very arousing massage.

This is an ideal opportunity for you to train your awareness of the Sexual energy, leading ultimately to ever increasing levels of pleasure. I can give you some Tantric control techniques if you wish to help with the control of the sexual energy, techniques which you can take away and use to enrich your own lovemaking. So whether you want to learn to control the sexual energy or to simply lie and enjoy the massage is entirely up to you....

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Cost :

1 Hour session ( wearing clothes) £90
1.5 Hr session (wearing clothes) £140
1 Hour Naturist ( I will be nude ) £100
1.5 Hr Naturist ( I will be nude ) £150